OAK wave
/əʊk • weɪv/
1. the juxtaposition of tried-and-true practices/wisdom and a new wave of innovative, unconventional methods.
2. where tradition and creativity meet
3. a new wave of agency engagement model birthed in the City of Oaks (Raleigh, NC).

About Us

We call ourselves strategy symphony conductors, marketing de-spaghettification experts, and problem-solving superheroes.

We don't like to brag, but... oh wait, yes, we do.


Campaigns Launched

Strategies Completed
$ 196 M

Attributable Revenue

We are ushering in a new wave of agency relationships while relying upon the oak solid foundations that made marketing amazing in the first place.

On a mission to take the bullshit out of strategy.

OAKwave marketing strategy

Our Strategic Model

There is a great deal of buzz and cliché cycling around the word strategy. In fact , we find the majority of consultants, agencies, and business people in general abuse the term strategy by applying it to tactical plans, Gantt charts, and roadmaps. Since so much of the market has changed the definition of strategy, we thought it imperative to share our definition of the term , which is the same one that's been around for hundreds of years... the right one. In the simplest terms, strategy is how you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Vision + Mission + History + Constraints + Root Roadblocks
Research Surveys + Industry Analysis + Buyer Base + Personas
Visuals + Voice + Perception + Messaging Framework.
Tech Stack
Tracking & CRM + Website + Martech
Digital Campaigns + Traditional Campaigns
Demolition + Roadmap

Our Client Experience

01. Let's Talk It Out
See if you like us, we'll see if we like you, then mutually, we will decide if we are compatible.
02. Skeletons in the closet
Once the administrative stuff is knocked out, we hold a grueling discovery session where we get to know your organization and all of its dark past.
03.Don't hit me, but...
Halfway through our project, we check your pulse on our general direction to ensure we haven't completely missed the mark.
04. I'll show you mine...
Our strategy presentation is our flagship product, and one that is incomparable to anything on the market today.

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